Woman hiking on a mountain top in Lofoten with the midnight sun

Hiking in Lofoten

Explore breathtaking trails, panoramic views, amazing photo opportunities, and the unique beauty of the Arctic with our expert local guides.

Lofoten, Norway, is a treasure waiting to be discovered on foot. Lonely Planet celebrates this archipelago as the world's most beautiful, and a step onto one of its many peaks instantly reveals why.

Our experiences:

For beginners and seasoned hikers alike

Each hike is tailored to the group's needs, taking into account weather and conditions to ensure a fulfilling nature experience for everyone. Whether you're an experienced "mountain goat" or someone looking to gently tread the outdoors, we have something for you.

Special requests

Customization is at the heart of our service. Should you have any special requests for your hiking adventure, we are more than happy to plan alongside you to ensure your Lofoten hiking experience is unforgettable.