MS Symra on a fishing trip off the coast of Svolvær

The dream of fishing in Lofoten

The smell of the sea, seagulls' screams, cheat wheels and authentic fishing boat. The excitement takes over. Finally it's time for Lofoten fishing!

The Lofoten archipelago emerges as a breathtaking spectacle, where mountains meet the sea, creating one of the world's most picturesque fishing grounds. Among these islands, a centuries-old tradition thrives, drawing adventurers and anglers alike to experience the legendary Lofotfisket. XXLofoten, renowned for its authentic fishing trips with MS Symra, invites you to be part of this enduring legacy. 

A dive into history

Lofotfisket, the annual cod fishing season in Lofoten, is a tradition that dates back more than a thousand years. The fishery revolves around the migration of the Arctic cod, or "skrei," which travels from the Barents Sea to the spawning grounds around Lofoten. This migration has been the lifeblood of the region, shaping its culture, economy, and communities through the ages. 

The significance of Lofotfisket extends beyond its economic contributions; it's a cultural touchstone that has united generations. Fishermen from across Norway would brave the treacherous seas, risking life and limb to partake in this bounty.

When is Lofotfisket? 

The Lofotfisket season is typically from late January and can extend through April. This timing aligns with the skrei's migratory patterns, ensuring the waters around Lofoten are teeming with fish. The exact dates can vary from year to year, influenced by climatic conditions and the cod's migration. 

What to expect today 

Today, Lofotfisket remains a vibrant part of Lofoten's identity, merging tradition with modernity. XXLofoten offers fishing trips aboard MS Symra, an authentic fishing vessel that embodies the spirit of the traditional Lofoten fisherman.

Participants can expect to be immersed in the full spectrum of the fishing experience. Beyond fishing, the journey offers stunning views of the Lofoten landscape and wildlife encounters.

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