Northern Lights in Lofoten

Unpredictable and exciting, vivid, amazing, mythical and mysterious. Many adjectives sound good with the most common name for Aurora Borealis, namely the northern lights. In the last 10 years, interest in the natural phenomenon has grown, and Lofoten is one of the best places in the world to experience the northern lights.

We can see the northern lights in Lofoten from the end of August to the beginning of April. It depends on the weather and northern lights activity, it helps little with high activity and dense cloud cover, or vice versa. The weather and conditions are changing rapidly in Lofoten. Plan with a few days available and the chance increases that you will have the pleasure of experiencing the natural phenomenon during your stay.

 Why choose Lofoten to experience the northern lights?

  1.  Do not freeze your fingers unnecessarily! The Gulf Stream warms the sea into the Vestfjord and means that the climate in Lofoten is relatively mild with 0 degrees as the average temperature throughout the winter. The mildest climate in the world at the same latitude. You can thus escape multiple minus degrees while chasing the northern lights
  2. The Northern Lights Oval is located over Lofoten. With a view to the north, we can, with an undisturbed horizon, see the northern lights from the outside of Lofoten.
  3. A spectacular landscape in combination with the northern lights is not to be despised. In addition, a number of other experiences are offered in Lofoten that you will probably also get on the trip such as cod fishing, sea eagle safaris to the Trollfjord with ribs and snowshoeing to name a few.

These trips are suitable for the northern lights