Lofoten Fishing Trip – introduction

Experience the thrill and joy of fishing - 2 hour fishing trip from Svolvær

Duration - about 2 hours
Age - 5+
kr 995

Tour description

Embark on a fishing adventure aboard the MS Symra, an authentic fishing vessel over a century old, crafted to navigate the challenging coastal conditions of the Lofoten Islands. This two-hour Lofoten Fishing Trip is not just a trip but an immersive introduction to fishing, designed especially for those who have never cast a line but are eager to delve into an activity that’s an integral part of Lofoten’s heritage.

From the moment you set sail from Svolvær, the historic and bustling heart of Lofoten, you'll experience the islands as few can—directly from the waters that have shaped their culture and history. The MS Symra, your vessel for this excursion, stands as a testament to the ingenuity and traditions of Norwegian maritime craftsmanship, having braved these waters for over a hundred years.

As you glide along the coast, the panorama of the Lofoten Islands unfolds in all its rugged beauty. The peaks of these majestic islands rise sharply from the sea, fringed by quaint fishing villages that cling to their shores. This backdrop is not only visually stunning but also a gateway to understanding the deep connection between the Lofoten communities and the sea.

Fishing on this trip is a hands-on experience tailored for beginners. Under the expert guidance of our crew, you’ll learn the basic techniques of fishing. Whether it’s setting the hook, casting the line, or reeling in your catch, our team will be there to assist and ensure a rewarding experience. Catching your first fish is a thrilling moment, filled with excitement and the anticipation of not knowing what might be on the end of your line. The waters around Lofoten are teeming with life, offering you a chance to catch a variety of fish, including the esteemed Arctic cod, which has been pivotal to the region's economy for centuries.

While you're waiting for a nibble, our crew will share stories of Lofoten's fishing heritage and the vital role of cod in the islands’ history. These tales are not just educational; they're a vibrant tapestry of myths, hard facts, and insights into the tough yet rewarding life of a Lofoten fisher.

This tour is perfect for those looking to try something new and genuinely authentic to the Lofoten way of life. It’s an active and cultural experience where you don't just observe; you participate. You'll leave with not only a deeper appreciation for fishing but also a firsthand understanding of why fishing has sustained these beautiful islands for generations.

The thrill of the catch and the serenity of being on the open sea combine to create a magical experience that’s about more than just fishing—it’s about connecting with Lofoten’s past and present. And who knows? Even on this short trip, you might reel in a big fish, adding a story of your own to the rich history of these waters.

So, come aboard and set sail from Svolvær on the MS Symra. Experience the magic of the sea, learn to catch fish, and see the Lofoten Islands from a perspective like no other. Whether it's the gentle pull of a line or the powerful tug of a storfisken, each moment on this tour is a step closer to the heart of Lofoten's maritime soul.

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You will be provided with a life suit before the trip.

Man holding up a large cod on fishing trip in Lofoten

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  • We also offer that you can book the entire fishing boat for yourself. We adapt the itinerary and length to your wishes.
  • Perfect for groups traveling together or large families wanting quality time together.
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