RIB boat trips

Feel the thrill of the open sea, discover hidden gems, and get up close with incredible wildlife, all under the guidance of our expert local guides.

Lofoten is a natural masterpiece, known for its towering mountains, deep fjords, and picturesque fishing villages. While exploring Lofoten on land is unforgettable, experiencing it from a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) introduces a thrilling new perspective.

Our RIB experiences:

For thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike

We tailor each RIB tour to maximize your experience, considering the group's preferences, weather, and sea conditions. You don’t need to be an experienced sailor to join us. Our tours are designed to cater to everyone from adventure novices to seasoned sea dogs.

Special requests

Looking for a personalized adventure? We're here to make it happen. Our RIB tours can be customized to suit your interests, whether it's wildlife watching, photography, or simply soaking in Lofoten's breathtaking vistas.