Kayaking in Lofoten

Have you ever imagined gliding peacefully over crystal-clear waters in a kayak, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Norway’s Lofoten Islands?

"So clean, so clear, so blue and green" are all repeated words from enthusiastic kayakers in Lofoten. The sea invites exploration, and the closeness you get to it from the kayak creek fascinates every time.

Our kayak experiences:

"I have never kayaked before, is that okay?"

Yes! Our kayaking tours are designed with beginners in mind, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for everyone. The kayaks used on our tours are stable tandem models, perfect for those who are new to kayaking. These kayaks provide a balanced and secure feel on the water, making it easier for you to learn and enjoy the experience without worry.

Special requests

Looking for a personalized adventure? We're here to make it happen. Our kayaking tours can be customized to suit your needs and interests, whether it's wildlife watching, photography, or simply soaking in Lofoten's breathtaking vistas.