a rib boat driving into the narrow Trollfjorden


With both historical buzz and significance, this dramatic and mighty fjord is in many ways a natural part of your bucket list. In addition, when it is only accessible from the sea, it makes it especially exotic. You can experience this 70 meter wide and barely three km long fjord with us all year round!

The Trollfjord is located as a detour from Raftsundet, which separates Austvågøy and Hinnøya, and Lofoten and Vesterålen. Hurtigruten sails by daily, but there are also other ways to experience this beautiful fjord.

We visit Trollfjorden almost daily all year round on our registration trips with ribs, but also with larger boats throughout the summer season. If you want a private trip, we can arrange trips in combination with a stop in Skrova or even a kayak.

Experiences that take you to the Trollfjord