Guide showing a secret place to a guest on the Lofoten Islands

To the top in Lofoten

Lonely Planet named Lofoten the world's most beautiful archipelago. If you are on one of the many peaks, you will understand why. You are truly on the Roof of the World!

Few places can give you an equally spectacular view without the help of sherpas and altitude habituation. You are actually a little tricked when it comes to altitude - the highest mountain Higravtiden is only 1146 masl.

Our tours give you a rich introduction to traveling outdoors, as well as a historical insight into what Lofoten is based on. We know the mountains and their many secrets well. We walk on trails and sometimes in hilly mountains. Several of the trips take place on peaks that provide a panoramic perspective in all directions. Here you look all the way home!

We adapt the trip to the group's composition, weather and driving conditions. You do not have to be a "mountain goat" to have a great nature experience with us. Not everyone has to go to the top either.

In the winter, we arrange snowshoe trips that are suitable for most people.

Do you have special wishes for your trip? We look forward to planning the same with you.

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