MS Symra on a fishing trip off the coast of Svolvær

The dream of cod fishing

The smell of the sea, seagulls’ screams, cheat wheels and authentic fishing boat. The excitement takes over. Finally it’s time for Lofoten fishing!

Lofoten fishing in an old wooden boat with a spacious deck, experienced fishing guides and skipper gives you the opportunity to take part in the famous cod fishing that takes place between mid-February and mid-April in Lofoten. The insight into the migratory, lively cod to the Vestfjord is not just the professional fishermen who get to experience – we arrange for you to be a fisherman for a day (or more) in the Lofoten Sea.

Our crew guttes the catch and can assist you with further processing of the fish. Good stories from the Lofoten Sea accompany us on a trip with us, because cod fishing is culture and something we are terribly proud to take you on

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