Fishing in Lofoten

The smell of the sea, seagulls' screams, jigging gear and an authentic fishing boat. The excitement takes over. Finally it's time for Lofoten fishing!

In the Lofoten archipelago a centuries-old tradition thrives, drawing adventurers and anglers alike to experience the legendary "Lofotfisket".

Our fishing experiences:

What to expect

Lofotfisket remains a vibrant part of Lofoten's identity, merging tradition with modernity. XXLofoten offers fishing trips aboard MS Symra, an authentic fishing vessel that embodies the spirit of the traditional Lofoten fisherman.

Participants can expect to be immersed in the full spectrum of the fishing experience. Beyond fishing, the journey offers stunning views of the Lofoten landscape and wildlife encounters.

Special requests

Looking for a personalized adventure? We're here to make it happen. Our fishing tours can be customized to your needs.