Sea eagle safari to Skrova

Scenic and photo-friendly close-up nature experience by RIB boat

Duration - about 1,5 hours
Age - 8+
kr 13140

Tour description

Prepare for fresh air and wind in your hair. Hundreds of small islands surrounded by the ocean and covered by mountains. A sense of wilderness may be the image you have of the Arctic and this is exactly what you get a taste of on our nature safari by RIB boat.

This trip will take you to the scenic islands out of Svolvær, such as the abandoned settlement Skjoldvær, the white beaches and the steep cliffs at Grunnstad before we sail through the harbor of the picturesque island Skrova. This area is also the territory of the white tail eagle, and you have the opportunity to a close encounter with these eagles that can have a wingspan up to 265 cm.

Upgrade your trip with a stop at Skrova island and let your guide share knowledge about Skrova and go for a nature safari or hike to mount Skrova for a 360 degree viewpoint. Send us an inquiry and we will happily make your trip tailored to your wishes.

Our guides have expert safety training and will make sure that you have a comfortable experience. Pregnant women and persons with back or neck injuries are not recommended. Wear warm clothing, especially during winter as well as warm shoes. Do not forget to bring your camera.

Woman hiking on a mountain top in Lofoten with the midnight sun

Private photo tour – 6 hours

  • Experience wild and beautiful nature
  • Tour with nature photographer Geir Nøtnes
  • The tour is offered in Norwegian and English languages
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