Sea kayaking from Svolvær

The perfect way to experience Lofoten! 2 hour kayaking from Svolvær

Duration - about 2 hours
Age - 10+
kr 1095

Tour description

Have you ever imagined gliding peacefully over crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Norway’s Lofoten Islands? If kayaking has been on your mind but you've hesitated because you're a beginner, then Svolvær kayaking is the ideal introduction to this sport. Svolvær, a picturesque fishing village in the heart of Lofoten, offers tranquil waters and stunning views, making it a perfect spot for first-time kayakers.

Our kayaking tours are designed with beginners in mind, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for everyone. The kayaks used on our tours are stable tandem models, perfect for those who are new to kayaking. These kayaks provide a balanced and secure feel on the water, making it easier for you to learn and enjoy the experience without worry.

Before we embark on our journey, our friendly and experienced guides will meet you at our base located in Svolvær harbor. Here, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment, including life vests, paddles, and waterproof bags for your personal belongings. Our guides will also give you a comprehensive instruction session, covering everything from basic paddling techniques to safety procedures. This ensures that even if it’s your first time in a kayak, you’ll feel prepared and confident as you head out onto the water.

The adventure begins right from the harbor, where you’ll paddle out into the serene waters that surround Svolvær. As you navigate the calm sea, you'll find yourself sitting just above the water's surface, propelled by your own strength. This unique vantage point not only connects you directly with nature but also offers an unparalleled view of the rugged coastlines and distant mountains that characterize the Lofoten Islands.

Our two-hour kayaking tour is tailored to suit those who are new to the sport or have limited experience. The pace is relaxed, allowing you plenty of time to absorb the stunning vistas and take photos. As you paddle along, our knowledgeable guides will share fascinating insights about the local history and culture. You’ll learn about the age-old traditions of the fishing communities in Lofoten and the rich marine life that thrives in these Arctic waters.

The route we take is carefully chosen to highlight the best of Lofoten’s scenic beauty. Depending on the weather and sea conditions, you might paddle past ancient fishing cabins perched on the water’s edge, see seabirds like puffins and eagles in their natural habitat, and even encounter marine wildlife such as seals or otters.

As the tour concludes, you’ll paddle back to Svolvær harbor, enriched with new skills and unforgettable memories of your time exploring Lofoten from the water. This experience not only introduces you to the joys of kayaking but also connects you deeply with the natural and cultural heritage of this spectacular region.

For those looking to extend their adventure in Svolvær, there are plenty of additional activities to engage in. From hiking the rugged trails that offer panoramic views of the islands to visiting local art galleries and museums that depict the life and art of the North, there is something for everyone in Lofoten.

Svolvær kayaking is more than just a paddling experience; it’s an opportunity to explore one of the most stunning landscapes in the world from a completely new perspective. It’s a chance to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and create lasting memories in the heart of Norway’s natural beauty. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, kayaking in Svolvær is an accessible and thrilling way to discover the enchanting world of the Lofoten Islands. So, why wait? Grab a paddle and let the adventure begin!

Other timings and group arrangements on request.



Comfortable sportswear. If its rain or windy we recommend a water repellent jacket.

Two people in a double kayak along the coast of Lofoten

This tour can also be booked as a private trip

  • Adapted departure time
  • Beach break along the way?
  • Make the trip your own
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